5 Fun Things You Should Do to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

Giving some of your time to your children everyday is very important. However, many parents are so busy, that they cannot do that.

And even if they take out the time for their children, they don’t understand what they should do. Here are a few ideas of making the time with your children useful and fun.

1. Play Games with Your Child in Your Garden

It’s a great idea to get involved in your child’s play. Especially if you play games with him in your garden, it will give you and him an opportunity to be close to the nature and inhale more oxygen to feel fresh.

Since a garden has a lot of trees, plants, bushes and other components, your child will enjoy playing hide-and-seek.

Also there are so many toys and play sets like cubby houses and tents your child can enjoy playing with. Buy quality child play sets at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other reputable toy store closest to your place and have a great play with your child.

2. Encourage Your Child to Draw

Encouraging (and allowing) your child to draw and paint is another great way to spend quality time with him. Use various materials like pencils, crayons, felt tips and charcoal.

While drawing and painting, parents should have utmost patience and stop themselves from stopping their children from making a mess, especially if children are very young.

Young children always love to make a mess, particularly with colours. You have to patiently let them do whatever they want and they will enjoy that.

Once they grow up a little, you can guide them how to draw and paint in a disciplined way so as to create good artworks.

Another thing to remember is that never make a bad or discouraging comment on the child’s drawing. A senseless drawing in your opinion may mean a lot to her.

Ask her lovingly what the different elements in the drawing are and you’ll come to know her way of thinking. Children are a lot more imaginative than adults. You’ll be amazed with your child’s imagination.

3. Cook

Involve your child in your culinary work. Assign him small and easy tasks like making round balls of dough, adding nuts to those balls to make cookies, skinning bananas, stirring cocoa in milk etc.

This will not only let you and your child have a good time together but your child will learn a lot of science which will be helpful to him in school.

Let him watch the recipe on flame or in oven from a distance and he will learn how heat affects substances.

Similarly he will learn how sugar and salt dissolve in liquids to make solutions, colours and parts of various vegetables and fruits and much more.

Needless to say that he will also develop fine motor skills due to various actions you will make him perform. Keep talking with him all the time and explain him things but not in an instructor-like way but like a friend.

4. Race

Take your child in a park or on a beach and run a race with him. Let him win a few times, but not always so as to make him know you are pretending.

You can also have a lot of fun if you buy outdoor toys for boys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other reputable toy store online because they have a range of imaginative toys for outdoor play.

5. Dance

Dancing with your child is a great fun and you will believe this once you do it! Play her favourite music and make whatever actions (if you haven’t learnt dance) and it will be fun.

Dance is a good way to be physically active too and you and your baby won’t even realise that you are exercising!

So, are you feeling excited to get these ideas for enjoying with your child? Go ahead and start having fun with your baby!

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