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5 Places For Shopping in Jakarta

Jakarta is a contributor to Indonesian tourism. Here, we listed our favorite areas for both wholesale and retail shopping in Jakarta in where you may get your trip souvenirs and indulge in personal shopping.

  1. Pasar Seni Ancol

Far from the glitzy shopping centers is a quaint corner filled with beautiful art, the art marketplace of Pasar Seni Ancol. The Pasar Seni is a marketplace area allocated to artists and artisans of all sorts of crafts. You’ll find traditional woodwork, canvas paintings, beadwork, or puppet work here in the art marketplace. It’s the best location for shopping in Jakarta for interior decoration and art rather than be overlooked while within the city.

  1. Pasar Baru

The Pasar Baru is among the oldest Jakarta Shopping markets also has been around since 1820! The shopping complex is today filled with Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese shops selling a range of stuff from clothing to street food. It is a fantastic place to indulge in people-watching and understand the local culture of Jakarta. You’ll find almost anything you want here, but you’ll have to be an else you could be taken for a ride!

  1. Pasar Santa

The Pasar Santa or Santa Modern Market is a stylish location that is attracting the new generation of Jakarta. The shopping marketplace became a heart of culinary joys and identifying businesses like accessories shops, t-shirts, vinyl records, etc. The Pasar Santa has added to the Bohemian part to shopping in Jakarta City! The best time to spend in the current market is on weekend afternoons when the market comes alive with individuals.

  1. Tanah Abang Market

The Tanah Abang Pasar is among the largest textile markets in all of South Asia and has the broadest collection of textiles and clothing in Jakarta. The current market is air-conditioned with tens of thousands of little shops offering clothing articles from traditional fabrics to inexpensive brand knock-offs. Locals throng the market for shopping in Jakarta, and it gets more congested throughout the weekends and holidays. With the marketplace spread out over 3 blocks, ensure you do not get lost in a maze of fantastic deals.

  1. Blok M

Women of all ages in Jakarta must have a shopping experience at Blok M! The M Block is a shopping district with the main attractions Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza. Both of these shopping areas also have shops which sell everything from watches to shoes but it a fantastic location for garments shopping in Jakarta. It’s best to save up and finish all of your annual shopping here!

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