5 Ways to Make Your Business More Inviting

Life isn’t always easy for brick and mortar stores, particularly now that there is so much business being done online or at large chain stores. Fortunately, at this point it still isn’t practical to buy our morning cups of coffee or hot lunch to have it delivered in the mail. That means that many small businesses still have the advantage. Plus, the ability to try on clothes, get personal assistance, and taste a sample goes a long way in keeping customers coming back. To get your business the rest of the way and help maintain your success, here are hacks for keeping your growing and thriving.

  1. Dare to Be Different

Don’t let your business be just another business or just look like a knock-off of a chain. Carve out your own identity. You’ll want to stand out from the competition and the other businesses in your area. It can be well worth the investment to have a professional create a good company logo and signage, if you don’t already have that.

  1. Provide Extra Options

People may come into your store for something in particular. That doesn’t mean that they can’t leave with that plus a few more purchases. Small items, cleverly located on the way to the cash register, that make good impulse purchases can really help your bottom line. Think in terms of eye-catching things that make great presents or could make great treats for the purchaser. Women’s and men’s gifts, in cute packaging, not only provide extra income for you, it can be a service to your customers.

Imagine the dilemma we’ve all faced of trying to find a fun, different gift. Providing a fun assortment can make you the go-to place whenever your customers need to shop. Colourful reusable shopping bags make great gifts to give away or keep. Personal care items from luxurious lotions to men’s beard trimming kits can brighten someone’s day and provide customers extra reasons to browse.  While they’re there, they are likely to find more things they might like to buy as they linger.

  1. Colour Yourself Successful

Select colours that work well with your business and target market. Often people pick “safe” colours which is usually another way of saying “boring” colours. Many retail locations are already boring boxes, looking like all the other box-shaped businesses in the area. A strong combination of colours and décor can help set you apart from other companies. It can also set the tone for your company. Bright, summery colours can encourage an upbeat feel, perfect for grabbing the latest flavour of cupcake. Rich tones and soft furnishings can wordlessly invite customers to sit and enjoy their drinks and snacks while they surf the internet.

  1. Window Dressing

Make sure your business is inviting from the front to lure people in as they walk by. Have creative displays in the windows and signage announcing sales, specials, and newest styles. Don’t make potential customers who pass by guess what kind of business you are or what you sell.

  1. Change of Seasons

Keep things fresh and interesting by updating your displays and offerings regularly. Have seasonal inventory that will intrigue new customers. Use any special occasion to keep your current customers interested and coming back to see what you’ll be offering next. From International Donut Day to Christmas, there are plenty of excuses to keep things fresh.


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