A Brief on THE INDIAN PERFORMING RIGHT SOCIETY LIMITED and Copyright Registration in India


It is a representative body is the sole authority with permits the usage of music within India. The majority members of the IPRS includes the Owners of Music viz. the Composers, Lyricists, Authors etc. Majority people are ignorant about the working of the IPRS. IPRS works on the behalf of its members to provide them with exclusivity rights in terms of their creation provided after deducting its administrative costs. It works as an NPO and as a Company registered under the Companies Act. The Royalty is received from selling their members creations for temporary usage.

How to make Copyright Registration in India for your work?

According to the law of India the work which belongs to you by reason of the fact that you created or “made” that work needs to be copyrighted for avoiding any illegal usage. Whereas, in some countries the law requires that you shall conform to certain requirements such as registration and the payment of a fee, but the recognition of your Copyright Registration in India is automatic as soon as your work is completed. There is, however, the work must be original, and not an unauthorized copy of someone else’s copyright work.

It sometimes happen that you may have some difficulty in proving your right if someone else suddenly alleges that he wrote that work before you did. In that case proof of the date of creation becomes all-important, and you would be well advised to make timely arrangements for such a contingency. You can lodge a complaint with your bank or attorney as soon as you have produced it, and ask them to give evidence on your behalf in any subsequent dispute about authorship.

In this connection IPRS provides a special service for its members. If you register your work with IPRS as soon as it is made, we would, in case of any dispute, be prepared to certify the date of such registration, and that would place on the other party the onus to prove that he wrote the work before that date. For a very modest fee IPRS will furnish you with a Certificate of Registration which could be used as evidence in any dispute. However, you are not obliged to make use of IPRS in this connection.

There are in total 48 Tariffs, some for which are reproduced below:

Name Date of enforcement Scope of tariff
1 ) AIR(DOMESTIC) 1st April, 2013 Applies to performance of music in Aircrafts, flying only within India
2 ) CL for clubs 1st October, 2006 Applies to public performance of music in clubs premises. Minimum royalty is Rs. 5000/-
3 ) EXB for exhibitions and fairs 1st April 2005 Applies usage by way of tapes, speakers etc. tariffs vary according to indoor or outdoor usage
4 ) HCL for health clubs, hospitals 1st October, 2006 It depends upon the Floor Area( per sq. feet)

The IPRS can reached at Andheri, Mumbai which is the registered and corporate office and its branch situated at Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Relevant facts:

  • Mr. Javed Akhtar is its current Chiarman
  • The IPRS grants a Blanket Licences for a moderate annual charge
  • It carries on its business as per Section 30, as a company under the Companies Act.

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Relevant facts:

  1. The current chairman is MR. HASAAN KAMAL.
  2. The IPRS was earlier registered under section 33 of the Copyright Act, 1957.

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