Achievements of Peter Loftin

There are a lot of examples where people have achieved great heights though they belonged to very humble backgrounds. Peter Loftin is such an example. There is no need to introduce Peter Loftin as his name itself tells about his life, his experiences and his achievements. Actually his contribution to make this world a better place is phenomenon. Here, you will come to know about his contribution towards the development of society and his achievements especially in the field of telecom industry.

His Achievements

Peter Loftin was a very hardworking man whose vision was not limited to earn money or be a successful man in a particular field. His thoughts were not restricted only to the development of his business but he wanted to create something that could benefit the society on a very large scale. Mentioning his achievements will be incomplete if we do not mention his role in the world of telecommunication. He is the founder and the former Chairman of the Board of Business Telecom or BTI. This company still is the biggest telecommunication enterprises founded by Peter Loftin. Along with his work, he never forgot his duties towards the society and as a responsible person he showed keen interest to various development programs. More than his achievements, his life is dedicated to the philanthropic works he did for the society.

His Contributions

After starting his telecommunication enterprises, Peter Loftin was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the year by Business North Caroline in the year 1989 when people had very little idea how telecommunication could change the world. He was a very big supporter of arts as well which resulted to the largest contribution by an individual to develop the city of Raleigh, in North Carolina. Here he developed the largest BTI Centre of Performing Arts which is claimed to be the biggest centre of its kind between Tampa and Washington D.C. His other two major contributions, which show his inclination towards charity, are North Carolina Museum of Science and The Police Athletic League.

His Charitable Work for the Society

After 9/11, Peter Loftin played a major role in serving people by becoming a member of the board called The American National Red Cross. He was also the owner of South Beach Private Club also known as Casa Casuarina in Miami. In order to introduce 30 more charitable institutions, he actually donated his venue so that these organizations could hold their events in those venues. The feats achieved by this man are actually incredible.

He not only worked for poor children but also helped the soldiers whole heartedly. He kept himself connected with the fund raisers such as Special Operations Funds which work for veterans. Actually this fund goes to the welfare of the children of Tier 1 soldiers. If we see his tremendous credentials list, we will find that he is a regular donor to Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville. If it is said that the credit goes to Peter Loftin in developing this particular part of North Carolina due to which this city is standing high amongst other cities, then it is said suitably right.

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