Airtel Prepaid Recharge:  The Background

A mobile phone is just a simple looking rectangular or square device till the time it gets connected to a cellular network. Once connected it can transform the user’s world! He can travel the world through images, pictures and videos of places that never existed in his landscape ever; he can speak to his loved ones across the globe, wherever the said cellular network is available; he can send text, photographs and multimedia files to people living in different continents; he can chat online, send emails, make video calls and what not.

But to do all this and more, the mobile phone needs a SIM card, also called the Subscriber Identification Module card that is in actuality an integrated circuit that stores the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI). This chip or card is fixed into the specified slot on the mobile handset. There are three different type of SIM that are currently used – the standard SIM, the micro SIM and the nano SIM. While the mobile phones initially used the standard sized SIM, the micro SIM came into existence with 2G/3G network and the nano SIM was born with 4G technology.

It is primarily due to this combination of a chip and the cellular network that the hand phone works and is able to multi-task. When a new SIM card from a particular service provider is purchased, the activation happens and the number becomes active and the handset can now be used to perform all the tasks mentioned above and much more. However, this activation is only for a specific period of time. To keep the connective alive and active, the subscriber needs to pay the cellular service provider on a monthly, quarterly or a yearly basis. There are two types of cellular connection that the provider provides – one is the post paid connection and the other is the prepaid connection.

The post paid connection is one where the subscriber uses the services of the operator before and pays for the services later against a bill generated by the service operator. In case of the prepaid connection, the subscriber needs to purchase a package or a plan before being able to use the services of the plan. This is called recharging the connection. Airtel prepaid recharge is a facility that is provided by the Bharti Airtel Pvt. Ltd that operates the cellular network by the name Airtel.

The company that was formed 23 years ago is a pioneer in the Indian telecommunications industry. At the Airtel branded customer care centers as well as online portal, one can easily pay for their postpaid mobile numbers, pay for using the broadband and Digital TV services and get their Airtel prepaid recharge done for the prepaid SIM cards.

The company that started out as a manufacturer of electronic push button phones in India in the 1980s has evolved tremendously to enable their subscribers today in having their Airtel prepaid rechargeand payments related tasks done from the digital platform using electronic payment system.

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