Beautiful Organic Braided Jute Rugs and Baskets from The Braided Rug Company

Natural-fiber provides a durable and reliable material for customers. It offers different design and product options that you can use to complement your daily needs. Examples of these include rugs, baskets, and placemats that can help accentuate your home. The following products are readily available when you visit The Braided Rug Company.

American Braided Rugs

American braided rugs are one of the features that the company offers. Since 2001, the company takes pride in creating the product to customers. A jute rug from the company comes from the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. The interesting part about the item is that each one comes with a signature of the designer/maker. Hence, you get a unique product that is durable and can survive wear and tear.

Eco Braided Rugs

The Braided Rug Company also offers Eco Braided rugs to customers. The primary feature is the material. Each rug is made from 100% recycled plastics. Also, customers can enjoy its washable feature and ability to withstand indoor and outdoor use. Also, the rug does not rot or develop mildew. Interestingly, the product does not feel plastic at all. Rather, customers experience a soft texture that would make you rethink about its raw material. The product is available in different colours such as sapphire, navy, wasabi, putty, and paprika.

Organic Jute Rugs

Customers can also explore the value of organic jute rugs. The company sources from Jute manufacturers in Bangladesh. It is their way of ensuring quality and maintaining the growth of the industry in the region. The material is organic because it does not use any pesticide. As a natural fibre, you can feel confident that a jute rug offers durability. It is also sustainable and can last a long time. The Braided Rug Company suggests using the item indoors. Frequent sunlight exposure can shorten the lifespan of the item.

Organic jute baskets

The Braided Rug Company offers customers the chance to use organic jute baskets. It is a practical option that can cater to different storage uses. Homeowners can rely on the material to hold items such as toys, towels, and other objects. It is also a viable option for outdoor use. Since jute baskets have different size options available, you can carry items with ease without worrying about durability and functionality.

Organic Jute Placemats

Jute also serves as a viable material for placemats. The Braided Rug Company can help you design your table with durable and appealing placemats. Each set comes with matching coasters, a table runner, and a basket to store these items. Homeowners can choose from various design options that cater to their needs and personality.

The Bottom Line

Overall, jute serves to offer a viable material for homeowners. Its organic, durable, and comfortable components make it suitable for everyday use. The different options that the Braided Rug Company offers help you accentuate your home and explore natural solutions that can support specific tasks and functions. As you learn to familiarize about the material, it becomes easier to determine its placement, helps you save money, and protect the environment.
If you are looking for jute rug and jute baskets, check out our collection at The Braided Rug Company. We also have eco braided rugs, American braided rugs, and organic jute placemats.

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