Difference Between Hiring A Van Or A Ute

Whether you want to hire a Ute or a Van is completely up to you and your personal situation, since those two vehicles are quite different even though they serve the same purpose. Before you decide to hire one of the two vehicles, you might want to learn more about the benefits of hiring each vehicle.

Keep in mind that most of these types of hire providers have more than just one vehicle to offer; from huge trucks that are great for moving, to the UTE vehicles. It all depends on your personal situation, so if you are interested you can always choose the one way UTE hire from Go With The Gecko or check your local providers instead.

Benefits of renting a Van

As many of you know, vans have often been the go-to vehicles when it comes to trading as well as transporting items and it has also been a signature vehicle of traders from a long time ago. Everyone has seen a tradesman/woman vehicle pull-up to their yard with a product to see, right?

There are many vehicles for you to choose from

One could say that the biggest difference between a UTE vehicle or a van is the extra space that is provided. There are a number of sizes that vans can come in, from the biggest vans that are great for moving or transporting bigger items, to smaller vans that are great for travel. However, even the smallest vans still have more space than UTE vehicles.

Another perk that is worth mentioning when it comes to space, is that in a van the free space is all closed-up, which means that your items will not get damaged due to natural causes (rain, snow…). You will understand the importance of this when you drive a UTE in the rain with a hugely important item strapped in your back.

Perks of renting a UTE

It is already known that UTEs are usually the main choice when talking about Queenslanders.  One of the biggest top sellers in many countries are definitely the double cab 4WD UTEs. Of course, while UTEs do have a good reputation, you might be wondering if this is the right vehicle for you, and you are about to find out.

Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs

One of the main reasons why the UTE vehicles seem so popular is because of the number of people it can carry. You are easily able to carry five people, along with some gear on the side. In addition, UTEs are also known to be great for off-road driving, in case you were thinking of going on a trip.

On top of that, if you care about the vehicle’s design, you should know that UTEs come in different designs, while vans usually do not. No matter which vehicle you decide to get, you should only hire from a reputable company; for example, you can visit https://gowiththegecko.com.au/interstate-van-hire/ or do some research on the side, and check your local options.

Final word

Both vehicles that were mention are quite good for particular situations, so it all comes down to your own choice. What is it that you need? If you want a vehicle simply for transport and to carry more items at once, then you should hire a van, and if you like to ride stylish vehicles and travel with your friends while being able to bring some items as well, then UTE is your choice.

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