Duties and responsibilities of an accounting intern

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The duties and responsibilities of an accounting intern are :

  1. Clerical work – accounting interns file documents, they also pull up various client files which are needed by the accountants when they go to meet with the clients.
  2. Data entry work – they do various kinds of data entry work including working on various bookkeeping and also accounting software.
  3. General work – they photocopy documents, they answer calls as well as they organize the workspace.
  4. They help with audits, and when they are more tenured, accounting internships with Premium Graduate Placements, they conduct audits themselves or lead a team conducting the audit.
  5. They scrutinize all the financial documents of their clients
  6. They ensure that the information entered by the client is accurate.
  7. They report findings of the information entered – whether it is correct or not.
  8. They communicate with their peers, clients, senior team members, partners, and managers.
  9. They work as a team and learn to leverage the strengths of the team members
  10. They check for errors in the records financial report preparation
  11. The accounting interns also are needed to prepare different kinds of financial reports
  12. They work on data of the client such as account payable records, payroll information, budgets as well as various taxation documents
  13. They also give financial advice to clients
  14. They prepare reports which allow them to find out information from different sources and get a holistic picture of the health of the client from a financial point of view
  15. They prepare tax returns and also help with various facets of taxation including business taxes or personal taxes
  16. They prepare tax exemption records for their clients.

These are just some of the tasks which are taken up by accounting interns during the period of their accounting internship.



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