Enjoy the best food in Chennai and make your trip memorable

If you think you will have trouble visiting Chennai when it comes to food, then you will be happy to know that you are wrong. This main southern city of India is undoubtedly the best place to gorge on mild real South Indian cuisine, but the metropolis also offers a wide range of areas where multi-cuisine can be enjoyed.

Therefore, by visiting the best restaurants in Chennai, the scope of enjoyable food should be increased and now away from the cloud of doubt in your head. Food should be the last thing on your mind so that you can book any cheap flight ticket to Chennai when the prices for other places are very high.

The city is home to hundreds of excellent restaurants and it is challenging to select just one or two as the best restaurants in Chennai. But I recommend you go to all the restaurants and choose your favourite. There are many vegetarian best restaurants in Chennai. Generally, people are always looking for vegetarian cuisine.

Many Travel Shows and the Exclusive Food Channel emphasize eating with travel for a unique cultural experience. And enjoying the local food where ever we go is much more memorable for our trip.

From an excellent and comfortable atmosphere to a beautiful dining experience, every eater wants to eat in a perfect restaurant in every way. If you think the food scene in the best restaurants in Chennai was about coffee filters and dosa, then you should understand that it was long ago. Chennai has efficiently grown and enhanced the food landscape. With Chinese, Italian, European, Russian and more cuisines, you get everything here to try some of these top meal, best restaurants in Chennai include:

Baked Goodness

If you want to eat chocolate cake, don’t worry, go to your favourite restaurant and order your best tasting chocolate when it is served fresh from the oven. Being a part of former French colony the city is known for the bakeries.  If you are craving for cake, then famous bakeries of Chennai are your destination.


South Indian Foods

South Indian food is one of the traditional dishes in India. Many Indians prefer South Indian food for breakfast. Right from the world-famous Chettinad cuisine to everyone’s favourite snacks Murrukus and the lovely Payasam make sure that every dish is on your list.


North Indian Foods

Some of the best North Indian dishes are paratha, paneer tikka, butter naan, kashmir pulav, Stuffed Kulcha, masala papad and so on, which are mouth-watering and healthy too.

Chinese Food

Nowadays, everyone is looking for Chinese food in restaurants as it a go-to choice. Every Foodie loves the Hakka noodles from the Hakka province of China to the Chinees cuisine with the Indian twist like the spicy Chicken 65 dish which has Tamil origins. Students and working people like to eat Chinese foods as it is easily available.


Indian Sweets

Sweets have been globally favourite. The traditional practice of making sweets in India was partial in many ways. India can be called the land of sweets. And every meal is incomplete without sweets.

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