Finding the Right Indoor Playground for Your Child

As children grow, they develop a need to be more active. Playing is a way of self-expression and helps children get the physical exercise they need for healthy growth and development. If you live in an area that often has cold or rainy weather, or you want to make sure that your kids get enough playtime despite having allergies or sensitivity to the sun, it may be time to get an indoor playground.

One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is where you’ll set up the playground. You could choose to provide a play space in the garage of your home or build a pavilion in the backyard that will shield the playground equipment from harsh weather. You may also want to design an indoor playground in a spare bedroom if your children are still small and you want to teach them basic coordinating skills.

This is also a great time to get estimates for all the equipment you’re thinking of using. This will help you organize your budget and find items that are beneficial for your child based on his/her skill level and physical abilities. There are likely several organizations you can visit to get prices on jungle gyms, slides, swings and mazes that are designed for indoor play, and you can order the items that you need from trusted online retailers as well.

After you find a space for the indoor playground, think about the equipment you want to include. It may be best to have one feature piece for the playground and smaller toys or activities that will complement the main piece. For instance, if you choose to set up a large spiral slide in the middle of the playground, you can complete the space with large puzzles that your child can play with on the floor or a small swing positioned underneath the slide. Or, you can create an indoor playground that is filled with floor activities that your little ones will enjoy, such as large foam letters that can be put together to form words, puzzles that reinforce lessons about colors and shapes, and oversized pillows that can be used to help children to relax during story time.

If you’re setting up an indoor playground for your child at home, you can also decorate the space with personalized items. A large monogram on the wall or shelves that are installed on the wall filled with toys can customize the playground and make it easier for your child to choose the activities he/she wants to participate in for the day. A large area that can be used for imaginative play, stretching and reading books.

You can also include a space in the indoor playground that allows your children to show off original artwork, complete a science project or put on a puppet show. This allows your little ones to engage in various forms of play that they likely won’t find on a traditional playground and will make the playground space one that is inviting and beneficial.

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