Great Places to Celebrate a Wedding in Miami Florida

Miami has many wonderful venues for weddings, from romantic spots on the beach to stylish venues with all the trimmings. You can indeed get married on a public beach, but you may require a permit. Many hotels, adding waterfront spots, provide wedding packages with carnival dancers, making them favorite wedding venues in Miami, mainly for beach nuptials.

Miami has a few building built before the 1930s, and a number of surviving huge old mansions of the 1920s are now museums and famous wedding spots.

Here are some of the top weddings in Miami Florida venues, listed in no particular order:

Ancient Spanish Monastery

The monastery and its wonderful outbuildings, mainly built in 1133 in Spain, were shipped to the America brick-by-brick by William Randolph Hearst in 1925. Yet, it has a huge party reception room catering to events like hora loca carnival type entertainment. When he ran into monetary issue, the pieces remained in crates until 1953, when they were sold and assembled as a visitor attraction north of Miami. The place is now owned by the Episcopal Diocese of South Florida, which has services there and runs he site as a museum. The sought-after Ancient Spanish Monastery wedding venue provides outdoor and indoor places, with choices for both a wedding service and a reception on site.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

This 83-acre garden in Coral Gables is a storehouse for rare tropical plants from all over the planet. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden wedding venue gives amazing outdoor and indoor areas for both intimate and bigger gatherings. But because it is a residential place, festivities must end by 11 p.m. on midnight and weekdays on weekends.

Vizcaya Gardens And Museum

This is one of Miami best wedding venues, but it is not for those on a budget. The building, built by industrialist James Deering in the 1920s, is a wonderful landmark and it is museum during the day. If all you want is a simpler, smaller ceremony, you can rent the venue for a daytime garden ceremony, but with no furniture and restricted music.

Deering Estate

The 444-acre Deering Estate is placed on Biscayne Bay, Miami south, offering a picturesque venue for a reception and wedding. The estate of Charles Deering is now owned and run as a museum by the state and country.

Beaches And City Parks

Little weddings can be accommodated in Miami Beach Parks and Miami, as well as in parks run by other Miami-Dade municipalities. Most need a permit. If you want to get married openly on the beach, you may need a permit from the Miami Beach city or another city.

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