Here Is The Occupational Illness Compensation

All companies take the responsibility of every worker and their health working in their organization and so as we. The energy workers play a major part in it where we consider their health and provide benefits to them or their survivors. The benefits which we provide to each individual is merely based on the EEOICPA(Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act) which was passed by the Congress in 2000.

According to this act, we provide a policy to the energy workers by supporting them and providing compensation amount if their illness were associated with the radiation, heavy metal, work related chemical exposures or nuclear weapon related works. This energy workers compensation program sets out a responsibility to accomplish these policies by respecting our worker’s dignity and privacy. However these policies are applicable only for occupational illness such as beryllium sensitivity, chronic beryllium disease, chronic silicosis, or a radiogenic cancer that are developed when a worker or an employee is at work. The illness that are developed to uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters are also covered under this EEOICPA in Part 5 section.

The workers, who apply to this policy for chronic beryllium disease, should disclose the proof documents for an evidence of their any computerized scan reports, biopsy reports or an exercise tests depicts the disease. The workers who apply to this policy for chronic silicosis disease should have been exposed to silica dust for at least of ten years before the onset of the disease and also should provide an evidence of the written diagnosis prescribed by the authorized doctor with the Radiograph, Computerized tomography or a biopsy which indicates the silicosis presence in their body. The workers who are affected by Cancers as a result of this exposure are also allowed to apply for this EEOICPA policy to which only certain cancers are permitted and valued. They include bone cancer, renal cancer, leukemia, lung cancer and primary cancers which occurred within the five years of exposure during their work period. If you feel that you or your family members are eligible for the above criteria, could apply and receive the benefits under this EEOICPA by contacting us.

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