How Cannabis Can be Used to Treat Dystonia?

There has been a lot of research into many neurological conditions recently with regards to the positive effect that cannabis can exert on sufferers. Attention has now turned to Dystonia, which is a chronic neurological movement disorder.  This condition normally occurs when the sufferer is exposed to a brain injury, as well as over use of anti-psychotics. Other conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, can produce dystonic like effects.

Prior to the year 2000, there were no known studies with Dystonia and medicinal cannabis. This has changed in the last few years as cannabis legislation has loosened in the US. It is clear that more treatment solutions for Dystonia are required, as pre-existing treatments such as Baclafen don’t work with all sufferers and are comparatively expensive.

A valid alternative to Baclafen is medicinal cannabis, thanks to the THC within it. Pro cannabis activists say that the cannabis treatment route for Dystonia is the only option for a long term and effective treatment, and it should be made available to all sufferers.

A sufferer of Dystonia is likely to suffer from constant spasming and contorted muscles. This often goes hand in hand with severe neuropathic pain, which mainly occurs in the hands. Although, some sufferers experience this pain in other areas, such as the face, neck and shoulders. This can mean that the sufferer is unable to walk or sometimes, even move. While medicinal marijuana cannot cure the condition, it can lessen the symptoms. Attaining pain relief with cannabis can be such a relief for sufferers, as well as muscle relaxation which can then reduce the spasms. Sufferers who previously had problems moving can in some cases be able to move again, thanks to cannabis.

In the UK, cannabis, whether recreational, or medicinal, is currently illegal. Although, there is a growing under current of opinion in the UK which seems to suggest that a change may be on the way. However, for sufferers in the US, they are likely to be able to get medicinal marijuana for this condition. Some sufferers make use of a mouth spray, called Sativex, which means the sufferer doesn’t need to smoke or vape the cannabis. A more expensive alternative is Marinol, which is made from synthetic THC, is available but it is expensive and quite hard to get a hold of.

While THC produces the best effect, there has been anecdotal evidence which seems to suggest that CBD could provide pain relief. You can search for dispensaries near you by using the dispensaries near me tool on to look for your local cannabis dispensary if you’d like to find out more –

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