How effective is minoxidil for the use of hair loss issue

Minoxidil is present in liquid form and also foam. There are two types of minoxidil one is minoxidil rogaine, and other is Kirkland minoxidil. The minoxidil foam was developed later because people we are facing several issues in use of oil. The oil was leaving the hair greasy, and people will face the issue of irritation when propylene glycol penetrates the scalp skin surface to reach the hair follicles.

Men and women both can use this chemical for the cure of hair loss issue. 

Which one is better minoxidil foam or liquid?

Whenever people ask this question that which one is more effective for use amongst minoxidil foam or liquid the answer relies on which of the product is more comfortable to use.  Many of the users complain about the discomfort due to the presence of propylene glycol, and that’s why the use of minoxidil form over liquid is preferred. The minoxidil foam does not have propylene glycol and prevent the feeling of discomfort. That’s not all the product is easy to apply and hold on for long period of time because unlike the oil it does not leave your hair greasy and along with it, the foam does not drip away.  The form is better because it has the property of quick absorption.

Many users review that form product dries away faster than the oil, so they prefer using the oil product over foam.  Some people also comment that the phone is less effective due to the absorption rate into the scalp. 

Where to buy minoxidil

 Minoxidil offers the product for both male and female use. Kirkland minoxidil foam is developed for men and has the same ingredients as minoxidil rogaine foam. This product is trusted because it is clinically proven to prevent the headless issue and it also helps to regrow hair. One can easily by the minoxidil from a direct supplier. When you buy the product directly from the supplier, you can get it for low prices compared to when you go and buy from the retail stores. One can also opt for getting monthly supplies of the chemical.

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