How millennials use their technology

It seems like there are thousands of articles out there debating how millennials live and what makes them tick. They are now the largest living generation in the US, and those kinds of insights can be vital for marketing people, but it is also interesting to see how this section of society uses technology.

Technology rules

Millennials are known to define themselves by their technology. Although they might catch some stick for thinking that no one has ever picked up a smartphone before, it is true that this generation is the biggest user of tech in history – this is hardly surprising when you consider that the internet has been around for their entire lives.

Social media

Obviously, it is not just millennials whouse social media – even your mom is probably on Facebook! But there is a definite generational thing when it comes to what kind of social media is consumed. Millennials are far more likely to adopt new social media quickly and are bigger users of Snapchat and Instagram than even their Generation X counterparts.


Although they are sometimes thought to be lazy, millennials are actually very adept at using technology to streamline their lives. They do not see why long, drawn-out processes have to be that way and will seek out how to make the workflow more efficient,while still working towards the best result. This way of making life easier just gives them more time to get on with work – not shy away from it.

On the move

Many people bemoan the typical nine to five routine and dream of the day that they are not chained to their desk. Millennials, on the other hand, are used to working wherever they want – and whenever they want. Flexibility, freelance and remote work are all valued by millennials and almost seen as the norm. They are not dreaming of escaping – they just never got caught up in the office environment.

Making the most of freebies

It is not all work, work, work, however. With so much entertainment at their fingertips, millennials know how to use their technology to get a good deal. Whether it is saving money on holidays or discovering the latest online casino bonus, millennials are on the ball when it comes to discounts.

Helping others

Millennials have been found to be the most charitable generation and invariably use tech to give to good causes or get involved with positive campaigns. Not content with putting a couple of dollars in a tin, they will actively seek out how to help in a constructive way, using technology to do their bit.

What comes naturally

Having grown up with technology, it is only natural that millennials use it as a major part of everyday life. Whereas other generations such as baby boomers and Generation Xers have come to learn how to use technology, it has been ever-present for the younger ones. It is hardly surprising that they use it in a different way.

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