How to become a professional event planner!

You remember very well what happened last year on your birthday. Nobody knew what to do, and once you decided to lead the party, everything went smooth, and everybody enjoyed. You liked the feeling, and the party was a success. From that day onwards, you have discovered you are good at guiding people. Leading and organizing was something that came naturally to you. You started wondering what an event planner would do for a living. And you started wondering how to step into the role in a professional way.

There are several steps to be followed. There are also some personality skills and requirements that you need to evaluate and possess if you want to be an event planner. Here’s a list of some of the most common qualities to be explored and developed:

  1. Take some volunteer jobs at the beginning

Volunteering can give you some valuable experience in many different fields. Whether it is working as a sales assistant or helping in the kitchen of a restaurant, the experience is going to be useful. Working with a caterer or a florist will get you in touch with the people in the field of events. And you will start learning what the business is like. Once you are ready to stop volunteering, you will have gained plenty of experience.

  1. Be more responsible

At first, every job offers a limited set of responsibilities. No employer wants to put some heavy burden in your shoulders from day one. Responsibilities grow with you during your time in business. It is a good idea to take risks and accept a few more responsibilities little by little. This will teach you new skills and chores in the job. Every position has a preset number of tasks. These tasks are usually very repetitive and prevent you from learning something different. But, if you talk to your employer and ask him or her to assign more duties, you can learn more interesting stuff. Just try not to bite more than you can chew.

  1. Build a solid network

You may have heard about networking before. Friends, contacts, a friend of a friend, all of them are valuable. Every time you meet somebody new, hand in a business card and offer your help. Mention what you are good at and willing to do for them. They will remember, and more importantly, they could call and ask for your future services.

Networking is so important that big companies hold annual events so that employees can share and build relevant and beneficial networks among them. You never know when you may have to call that friend.

  1. Once working, create your portfolio

You must have a portfolio of all the photos, brochures and invitations of the events you have planned before. This will give your clients an opportunity to check your material and style. A good portfolio can be the difference between signing a contract or not.

  1. Have an event planner software

There are several event management software available to manage your events, Most of them have calendar booking, food ordering, CRM features and reports to allow you to run the event as smooth as possible. Choose  a good one, it will become an important tool for running your events planning business. In addition some event management software gives the ability for your clients to interact directly with the event via the website and see the status, food order and other aspects of it.

  1. Register your company

Before actually starting working you need a name for your business. You also need to register this name in the main registry office in your city. Paperwork may vary from one country to another. So, be sure to check the requirements and register your brand. Once you have this, you can go fully into business.

  1. Market your services

Marketing is a fundamental step in becoming a professional event planner. Digital media, radio, T.V. and more. All these communication means are always promoting and advertising somebody’s business. You should do the same with yours. It is true that the best advertisement comes by word of mouth, but a little help with social media is always welcomed.

These are just some of the steps that you need to follow if you want to be a professional event planner. It will involve working with a lot of people all the time. You have to be sure you are a people person to enjoy this kind of job.

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