How To Go Camping With Friends And Stay Friends Afterwards

Not many road trippers enjoy hitting the road alone. Travelling has long been known as an adventure to share with friends, family, or a loved one. Hitting the open road with a group of friends has long been a tradition in New Zealand. This land offers many miles of diverse and rugged terrain to explore, many miles of coastline to enjoy, and an endless variety of activities to keep you occupied. One thing that many road trippers fail to consider, however, is that spending many hours cooped up together on a campervan hire new zealand journey may lead to flared tempers, arguments, and general bad feelings. You certainly don’t want to lose friends due to a road trip, so make sure to consider the following tips before you set out on your journey. Hopefully these will help you all stay friends not only on the journey but for years afterwards.

Involve Everyone In Planning

One of the main things that may cause arguments out on the road is when everyone isn’t on the same page regarding the route, plans, and activities. Make sure to sit down or communicate over email/text with all individuals who will be travelling on the trip. Before you hit the road you will want to be assured that everyone agrees on the route, the destinations you will be hitting along the way, and any planned activities. Of course you can be spontaneous while out on the road, but as long as everyone is in full agreement on the basic details this will cut down the chance for arguments and misunderstandings on the trip.

Schedule In Alone Time

Not everyone enjoys being around other people 24 hours per day. If you or one of the individuals you will be traveling with is the type who needs me-time, then make sure to schedule in some time for everyone to go their separate ways for a little while. Even if you don’t mind being around people, schedule this time anyway. Getting a nice little break from everyone will be a good way to allow everyone to clear their head and start back fresh on the road. Many a campervan hire new zealand journey has been ruined because the traveling parties got sick of one another, and some alone time will go a long way toward making sure this does not happen to you.

Bring Along Entertainment

Of course everybody has their personal devices to get lost in, but in order to truly get along as a group and to enjoy one another’s company, you should plan for some entertainment that involves everyone. These can be board games for late night camping entertainment or any other group activity you can think of including road games and group gaming possibilities played on a single device that can be passed around. A simple deck of cards will provide countless hours of group entertainment. Whatever the case, make sure to bring something that everyone can participate in to pass the hours and stimulate conversation and interaction amongst the group.

Have Everyone Create A Playlist

The song playlist is important for any road trip. Creating traveling playlists are an art form. You want tracks that will keep everyone entertained and keep the campervan on the road to the next destination. One thing you don’t want to happen is for just one person to create the playlist. Not everyone has the same musical tastes, and you want everyone along for the ride to be involved. For this purpose, try to have everyone in your group create a playlist of their own. This way you can alternate the playlists or just hit shuffle on the full song list. This will assure that everyone hears the songs they wish to hear on the road and keep everyone happy and in tune with the journey and the music.

Plan Enough Activities

One of the main drawbacks of the modern age is the tendency for individuals to sink into the solitude of their own electronic device, ignoring the people around them as well as their surroundings. You will not want this type of modern isolation to go down on your group trip, so make sure to have enough activities planned that will bring everyone out of their shells and into the adventure. Whether its hiking side trips or other outdoor activities or excursions and exploring missions into local territories, have enough on the agenda to keep the group occupied as a whole when on the road.

All it takes to pull off a successful and drama-free group trip where everyone stays friends just like they started is to make sure everyone in the group is on the same page and engaged in the journey. As long as you have these fundamentals covered, your campervan hire new zealand group journey will no doubt be a major success.

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