How to Protect Yourself and Your Construction Business

You cannot run a construction business without a lawyer. Although you may put your focus of effort into winning new contracts, establishing your workforce, and making your operation more efficient, the legal issues involved with constructing new buildings are too numerous to ignore. No project is worth undertaking if it cannot be executed in accordance with the law. You will also need a lawyer to help you navigate the various disputes that can arise when constructing a building.

Why Construction Law Matters

An enormous amount of code and regulation governs where, how, and when a new building can go up. There are also rules that regulate how financiers, primary contractors, sub-contractors, and workers interact. If you do not understand these laws, you will waste a great deal of money. You might also find yourself the target of lawsuits that can cost you even more in time and resources.

Here are some of the issues that a construction lawyer can help you resolve:

  1. General Contractor Disputes

If you are a project manager or run a construction design and building company, you may act as the primary contractor on a new build. As such, you will need to establish a clear and legal contract with the entity that has commissioned the building. If at any point there is disagreement or a dispute over what is expected or delivered, you will need a lawyer to resolve it.

  1. Subcontractor Disputes

You will need subcontractors if you are to get the building up on time and on budget. Subcontractors consist mostly of small business people who either work alone or with a small team. They are usually short on working capital and sensitive to any demand or change that costs them time and money. Most such disputes can be resolved in a reasonable and amicable manner, but you should leave your lawyer to deal with it.

  1. Construction Payment Disputes

If you are not receiving the agreed upon payments, then you cannot pay your workers, subcontractor, and suppliers. You must get such difficulties sorted quickly before they affect the pace and schedule of the work.

  1. Forming a Construction Company in Washington State

If you are looking to form a new construction company, your lawyer can help you set it up.

  1. Environmental Laws

Washington state has some of the most progressive environmental regulations in the country. Before you begin any new job, you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with them.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

If at any point you are sued by the city, a private individual, or another contractor, you will need your lawyer to be out in front of it. Such cases can typically be resolved through mediation or some other dispute resolution mechanism. However, if you need to go through the courts, then it is important to be ready. Your lawyer will have the experience and expertise to defend your interests.

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