How to Register GST Online?

 “GST” means Goods and Services Tax, which is one step towards making India a “One Nation, One Tax” country. To register on the online GST-portal, the following things need to be kept in mind:

  1. Dealers whose annual turnover exceeds ₹ 20 lakhs (in some states, it is ₹ 10 lakhs); are only entitled for GST Registration online.

Hereby is reproduced the step-by-step procedure for GST Registration in India.  For initiating GST registration online, please check governments portal or get in touch with Company Vakil. The govt. website will appear like this:

STEP 1: Click on “Register Now” in “Taxpayers (Normal)”.

STEP 2: Please enter the following information in “PART A”.

  • Select “New Registration” tab.
  • In the drop-down arrow under “I am a” – select “Taxpayer” category.
  • Select “State” and “District” from the drop-down arrow.
  • Enter the “Name of Business” and “PAN of the business” in the desired places.
  • Enter the “E-mail Address” and “Mobile Number” to obtain the key. The registered email id and mobile number will receive the OTPs (One time Passwords).
  • Now, click on “Proceed”.

STEP 3: Enter the OTPs received on the “e-mail id” and “mobile number”. Then, press “Continue”. If you haven’t received. Then, click “Resend OTP”.

STEP 4: This form of TRN (Temporary Reference Number) will be shown after entering OTP. Please, note this TRN with you safely. And the same is also sent to your “e-mail id and mobile number”.

STEP 5: Now once again go to GST Registration in India portal (Click on “Register Now” in the “Taxpayers (Normal)” tab.

STEP 6: Here, Select the “Temporary Reference Number (TRN)” bullet. Fill the TRN and the captcha in the, “Temporary Reference Number” and “Type the characters you see in the image below” tabs, respectively. Then, click on “Proceed”.

STEP 7: After proceeding, you will receive an OTP in on your registered e-mail id and mobile number. Enter the received OTP in the “Mobile/Email OTP” Tab. And then click on “Proceed” Tab. If you haven’t received the desired OTP. Click on the “Click here to resend the OTP” hyperlink tab.

STEP 8: You will see that the status of your application regarding GST Registration in India is shown as “Draft”. After this, click on the “Edit Icon” (Blue box showing symbol of a pencil).

STEP 9: After clicking on the “Edit Icon”, “PART B” form appears before you. This part contains 10 sections, namely,

  • Business details
  • Promoter/Partners
  • Authorized Signatory
  • Authorized Representative
  • Principle Place of Business
  • Additional Places of Business
  • Goods and Services
  • Bank Accounts
  • State Specific Information
  • Verification;

Fill in all the details in the above tabs and attach the relevant documents, wherever specified.

The list of the relevant documents, which you should keep with you while registering are as follows:

  • Photographs
  • Constitution of the taxpayer
  • Proof for the place of business
  • Bank account details
  • Authorization form.

STEP 10: Once all the information is filled up in the above-mentioned tabs, click on the “Verification” tab. Fill in all the details in the “Verification” tab. Tick on the declaration, shown on your screen and submit this application form cum verification by using any one of the following ways:

  • Companies must submit application using DSC
  • Using e-Sign – OTP will be sent to Aadhaar registered number
  • Using EVC – OTP will be sent to the registered mobile.

STEP 11: A “Success” message is popped-up on your screen after you have submitted the application form with the desired way. With this an “Application Reference Number (ARN)” is sent to your registered e-mail id as well as mobile number.

STEP 12: In case, you didn’t get a reply of either rejection or approval, you may check the status of your application by entering ARN in the “Track Application Status” tab in the “Services” drop-down arrow present on the title bar.

STEP 13: Within 3 working days the officer accepts your application and furnishes a “Certificate of Registration” in your favour. If the officer, rejects your application, then you have to submit the desired documents further attaching with GST Reg-03 and GST reg-04 form.

Therefore, this is the full procedure that a taxpayer need to adopt for GST Registration in India. If someone you are facing some problem or you are a bit confused, then it is always recommended that you should take the aid and advice of the experts, law consultants and lawyers or CA’s and CS’s for GST Registration. For a detailed discussion visit Company Vakil and their experts will guide you through in getting your GST Registration done.

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