Imaginative Ways to Decorate Your Space with a Vintage Suitcase

Vintage suitcases seem to have something very charming. We usually find them in antique shops and we almost always wonder who owned it before and where it has travelled.

Behind the suitcases there are stories and this makes them extremely lovable decorative objects for the interior of the houses. They can act as furniture or you can find other creative uses inside the home. See below ways to embody this amazing decorative piece in your space.

At the entrance

The suitcases can become a beautiful addition to the entrance of the house in order to welcome your guests. You can create a beautiful composition of a white, wooden, vintage coffee table with two suitcases; some plants and a cooper pendant lamp and you will finally create the ideal image for the entrance of the house.

For your pet

Your four-legged friend can find a warm and a vintage nest in the suitcase. It’s an easy DIY that you’ll need only a blanket so your pet lounges in a really soft way. The bonus is the fact that instead of a not-so-beautiful dog house you will have a very strong decorative item wherever you place it and everyone is going to love it.

For Your Plants

If your suitcase is wooden then you can create a beautiful little garden. Put the soil, plant the plants you love, such as cactus which is an ideal choice and do not want a lot of watering and place your lovely suitcase at a point in your living room that is sunny, like next to your window.

Your own Bar

If you do not have a bar furniture, then a stand in combination with your vintage suitcase is all you need. Put your wines’ bottles in and the very special bar is ready to be the absolute decorative item in your living room.

Use it as a bedside table

On the same logic, the combination of stand – suitcase may seem very useful to create your own very special bedside table. If you actually paint the suitcase, you can take advantage of it in order to put a bright color touch in your bedroom.

Make an original cupboard

Attach the suitcase to the wall vertically and you will instantly have a very original cupboard. You can use it to store your cosmetics and you can even adding a mirror on the back of the closet door, or use it as a pharmacy store in your bathroom.

Create a beautiful decorative corner

All you need is getting 3-4 vintage suitcases in similar shades and place them on top of one another in a corner of the house. Next of them you can put a decorative staircase, some candles or other decorative objects of your choice. This will create a very beautiful decorative corner, all made especially by you!

Make a coffee table

If you like the unique pieces then this DIY is totally for you. A large wooden vintage suitcase can become a very special coffee table for your living room. All you have to do is attach it to four feet and put this unique coffee table in the center of your living room. You can, instead of using wooden feet, to place wheels above the suitcase, so as the table can be move in a really easy way.

Last but not least, you can use a vintage suitcase for the way it is made of. You can take it to your next trip; fill it with your clothes and the souvenirs of the place you have been. A vintage suitcase is an item that can be your best friend on your next travel.

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