Ipoh hotels near Ipoh parade- best place to spend the weekends

Malaysia is a very popular holiday destination. Many people love to visit the place for its beach and huge shopping range. One of the best preferable cities in Malaysia is the Ipoh. It is situated in Perak, Malaysia. This place is considered to be the biggest city of Perak.

While holidaying at Malaysia, you can be travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Give a halt at a place in between these two places. North of Kuala Lumpur is a very favorite place, known as Ipoh. This breath taking city is now rising with the new attractions for the tourists to take a mid break.

What is in store in Ipoh for me?

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Ipoh has everything for you to enjoy your weekend. When you are visiting Kuala Lumpur, just give a break at this place. It is worth spending time at this place. The city is full of brightening street art, local food shops, and shopping malls. Different entertainment sources are at the different corners of the city so making the entire city a good place to visit.

Different restaurants and local eateries serve you the local food like the ayam tauge, the very famous and popular white coffee and obviously the bean curd puddings. These are all situated at the east side of the city.

The north side of the city has the luxurious restaurants, bars and also the shopping malls. If you are looking out for some boutique hotels, such Ipoh hotel near Ipoh parade is lot in number.

Most of them are located in the heart of city and can be easily accessible through any part of the country. These stylish hotels offer you most of the luxurious for a memorable stay at the Ipoh. Most of theIpoh hotel near Ipoh paradeis star rate.

For the food, you can also find many of the different regions of the country here. Chinese, Mongolian, Malaysian, Indian and what not. Don’t miss out the regional dishes of Malaysia which are awesome in taste.

Get to know what to do at Ipoh with your family

So by now you can have a picture of the excellent weekend that you will be spending at Ipoh. Have an overall outlook about the place now:

  1. This is a place which can be easily reached within few hours, so nothing can be better than Ipoh for weekend trip.
  2. Staying at Ipoh is easy. The Ipoh hotel near Ipoh paradecan serve your staying purpose in better way.
  3. There are many attractions nearby. And you can make Ipoh the central place to stay at.
  4. Love to experience adventure, and then Ipoh can be the best place to spend your time. It is considered the best place for the adventurous people.
  5. Not only for you, has Ipoh had many things in store for your little ones too. there are many places for the kids and children to enjoy at Ipoh.
  6. A trip to Ipoh can be an educational tour for your children. So must visit this place with your family.
  7. And lastly Ipoh is in the lap of nature. So enjoy the mother earth best at this place.

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