Journey to Orlando on Rental Car: Tips for Tourists

 The best way to travel around Orlando on a rented car, especially since Orlando is famous as the capital of car rental, as there are a lot of companies specializing in this sphere: Alamo, Avis, Enterprise Rent-EZ-car, L & M Rent a Car, International, Thrifty and set of others. The car will be convenient also because all the sights are widely spread across the city and even the outskirts. Getting to them on the track is really easy, because there are signs everywhere.

Before starting your trip, it is better to get acquainted with some rules and note some useful advices:

The insurance is better to do as fully as possible. It’s no secret that the task of insurance is to get out of the client, to find a loophole and to throw down on him all the burden of payment.

Traffic jams around the city center are formed mostly in the afternoon, and around the tourist areas – on Friday evening and all day long on Saturday.

Before you rent a car in Florida, check the possible locations convenient for you where cars are cheaper. Remember that renting a car on weekends is always more expensive than on working ones! In larger branches of rental car companies, you can choose a better car than in a small one. Besides, renting online is usually a little cheaper. When renting a car online, do not look at the pictures of cars on the site, but at specific lists of cars (the picture may be very different from reality). Remember, the steeper the car, the more expensive the gasoline. Do not forget to check the scratches and damages of the car when renting it.

Some companies of car rental in Orlando have roadside assistance (support on the road if the car breaks down). If you take a convertible car, then in the way on freeways and highways in the car it will be quite noisy. Take into account the dimensions; on broad cars a habit of driving on fast road is needed.

Do not forget about GPS! On a long trip, it is better to take a car with a built-in navigator, or install it on the phone and preload the maps in advance. A good and popular application with the navigator is Waze. Do not forget about the Internet for the navigator. Note that there is not always a network on the coasts, in the desert and in many nature parks-reserves (buy a local sim card, for example, a good offer is in Walmart). And most importantly, before the trip read the rules of the road! The local rules at intersections, signs STOP and turns to the right may differ from those in your country.

When driving, always carry a driver’s license, as well as registration and insurance.

At refueling stations with self-service the devices do not accept foreign cards. You have to go pay the cashier (40 cents per liter).

In Florida, it is not accepted to blink with the distant light, so that you will be given way.

Get ready, that parking will one of the most expensive things in the list of expenses. You should pay for it almost everywhere: even near restaurants and churches. The cheapest parking place for a rental car will cost you $ 2 an hour, the most expensive – for $ 20 (near the parks of the Disney World and Universal Studios, however, this is the cost for the whole day).

Smooth roads and only positive impressions from Florida!

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