My Opinion – Reducing the Legal Age of CDL Drivers Will Impact on Safety and Driver Numbers

As many people will know, there is a great shortage of truck drivers right across America these days. Because of this shortage, this is resulting in the cost of freight increasing and causing trucking companies a lot of grief. Due to the lack of these suitably qualified truck drivers, many companies have now been forced into hiring drivers with far less experience than they would normally accept, according to Greg Baumgartner, who is a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer.

Why is there a Shortage?

The reasons for the truck driver shortage are numbered and varied. But, it is generally believed that the reason why there is a shortage in truck drivers is because of low pay and the lack of a family or social life. This puts a lot of the new generation off from applying to be a truck driver.

The median salary for truck drivers is still low, despite there being an increase in the pay and bonuses for truck drivers.

There has been a bill introduced with the aim to reduce the age of those able to drive across state lines carrying freight. This is for those who drivers who drive professionally with a CDL. Many believe this law to be incredibly short sighted, which will not only impact on the numbers of truck drivers available, but will also impact on safety.

Experience Matters in Trucking

As the age of the driver increases, the level of safety generally increases. This means less accidents occur with more experienced drivers. No matter what method of transport people use, age plays a large part in accidents. The vast majority of accidents occur when a young and inexperienced driver is behind the wheel.

Given the large number of deadly 18-wheeler accidents in Texas alone, we believe that reducing the legal age of a long-haul driver to below 21 will not impact the number of truck drivers, but will have the opposite effect on the safety of our highways. The way to attract new drivers is to pay higher wages and offer more tempting benefits, which allow these trucking jobs to be filled with drivers that are experienced and safe.

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