Reasons Why You Should Own A Cat

While there is no perfect pet in general, every pet has its own advantages, and a cat definitely has quite a few of them. If you are someone who is considered to own a cat, maybe reading this article is going to make it an easy decision why getting one is a bliss.

Cats can take care of themselves

If you are living in the countryside, having a cat is definitely the best pet you can get for yourself. Cats are some of the rarest types of a pet who are fully capable of taking care of themselves while they are still fully domesticated.

Finding food on the countryside is quite an easy task for a cat, there are lots of rodents wondering around, which makes having a pet extremely useful if you happen to have bigger stashes of flour or other similar products that rodents like “visit”.

While there are other animals who can get food for themselves, and cats can’t really go hunting if you happen to be living in the apartment, you should still consider the fact that they can still bathe themselves.

One thing that you will definitely have to do for your cat is to vaccinate her, and we suggest that you set an appointment for cat vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital if they are in your area, but you can also check out another reputable vet station as well.

Having a cat waiting for your return is a beautiful thing

Cats can reduce stress

While dogs are known as animals that help you reduce your blood pressure, cats also have similar “powers” where they take your stress away. There is nothing better than returning home from work, waiting for your cat to jump in your lap so you can start petting its soft fur. Petting the cat lowers stress levels alone, and if the cat purrs along, those purrs send specific frequencies that provide harmony.

The science behind petting a cat is that your brain begins releasing endorphins, and those are the chemical that provides happiness. When you find yourself happy, not only stress but all other things that negatively impact your health go away.

Things to know about apartment cats

If you are someone who is not leaving in a house where a cat can go outdoors, you might be thinking that a cat will destroy all of your furniture in order to sharpen its claws. However, today, there are a lot of stores where you can purchase all kinds of toys for your cat’s entertainment, and some of them will let your cat use their claws.

Because cats are quite smart animals, it is easy to train them in a way that they know which objects they are allowed to scratch and play with, and which ones are off limits. Of course, that will require a little bit of patience, so keep that in mind.

If you are not sure which toys and food products you should provide to your cat, you can always consult with a professional East Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet Hospital as they have plenty of experience not only with cats, but will kinds of pets.

Cute cats will easily win your heart

Final Word

 Owning a cat is definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself if you happen to be living by yourself. You can easily guide the cat to take care of itself by showing it where to do their duty, and providing them with food and water is an even easier task. Nothing beats a happy cat waiting for your return home, and once you experience that, you will never want to give your cat up.

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