The Benefits of Office Based Anesthesia

Have you thought about offering office based anesthesia services to your patients? Not only will you take the fear out of hospitals for some of your patients, but you’ll also save money and make money in the process. You’ll also make it more convenient for your patients by providing a more relaxed atmosphere and saving them money in the process. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of offering this type of service to your patients.

No More Fear

Oftentimes patients are afraid to go under the knife or have any type of minor surgery without being put under. You can save the patient a lot of stress and worry by offering office sedation services. Not only will your patients enjoy this because they won’t have to be awake during the procedure, but you’ll also reduce the amount of stress and worry they may have about having surgery. An office setting offers a more relaxed atmosphere and is more convenient for your patients.

Save Money and Make Money

When you utilize office based anesthesia for patients everyone benefits. This includes the insurance companies, the doctors, and the patients. Also, the insurance companies will also significantly reimburse the doctors who utilize this service and oftentimes they will double the reimbursement when it’s done in an office. So, not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also make money as well.


Offer convenience to your patients by offering office based anesthesia services. Your patients will no longer have to check into a hospital and worry about additional costs for procedures being rendered when you offer them these services in your office. Procedures done in a hospital can be quite costly once you factor in all of the additional charges. When you offer office sedation you take the middleman out of the equation and put your patients at ease with the total cost of the procedure.

Reduce the Nerves in Patients

Many patients are nervous when they hear that they have to undergo a surgery of any kind, no matter how minor it is. By offering office sedation services, you reduce this type of nervousness in patients. When they know all they have to do is drive to your office to have a procedure done, you make the patient feel at ease and they have no worries about the procedure.

By offering office sedation services in your office, not only will you reduce the fear many patients have about undergoing any type of surgery, but you’ll also save money and make money in the process. You’ll also offer your patients a more convenient way of having surgical procedures done and reduce the nervousness many patients have about any surgical procedures being rendered.

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