The Importance of UK Lift Manufacturers being Members of LEIA

When buying lifts for your business or home, it’s imperative that you make the right selection. After all, you need to know that every ride inside this crucial piece of apparatus will be safe and comfortable. Furthermore, those vertical transportation facilities should be cost-efficient and built to last.

For this reason, it is imperative to opt for a lift manufacturer that is a member of the LEIA.

LEIA Membership – What It Means

The Lift and Escalator Industry Association has been the company’s governing body since 1997 and covers over 85% of the industry. In addition to manufacturing quality lifts, escalators, and stairlifts, its 153 members handle over 250,000 maintenance tasks each year. LEIA is ISO 9001 certified.

An LEIA membership is one of the most important aspects for a lift manufacturer, and helps distinguish it from the crowd. It instantly shows buyers that the company is regulated to complete all associated works to professional standards with optimum efficiency.

Terry Lifts is one of those members, meaning you can use their services with maximised levels of confidence.

What Are LEIA’s Aims?

Ultimately, the LEIA body is designed to help homeowners and businesses purchase their vertical transportation facilities without any worries regarding the quality of those goods. Aside from the health and safety aspects, the craftsmanship and development of products for all situations is a priority.

LEIA members are also required to focus on training and other forms of development while the cooperation with customers and suppliers is considered very important too. Essentially, the goal is to produce a better service for the end user while also helping businesses follow a winning blueprint that should bring positive results.

How Membership Helps The Consumer

Members of the association continue to work with the LEIA to ensure that their technologies and quality are of the highest possible standard. Always.

Top manufacturers ensure that their platform lifts, passenger lifts, step lifts, goods lifts, and home lifts are all designed and fitted with those regulations in mind. From concept to completion, this ensures that you will get the very best treatments.

Better still, LEIA membership is just one of the many elements that continues to drive manufacturers forward and helps them literally reach new heights.

The Risks Of Not Using LEIA Members

Of course, it is possible to find company’s that aren’t linked to LEIA. However, you’d be advised not to as this can compromise the quality, safety, maintenance and durability of any lifts ordered. On a separate note, it can potentially cause problems for business insurances.

Lift injuries aren’t overly common but still occur. Between 2002-2010, per the BBC, HSE figures showed that 266 died from lift accidents while 182 more took place in lift shafts and other related surroundings. No business or homeowner wants to be among the unlucky few. Ignoring the LEIA members significantly increases those dangers.

We’d always suggest using a LEIA member when considering the purchase of a residential or commercial lift. Taking a risk with your vertical transport needs simply isn’t an option.

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