The Latest Jewellery Trends this year

Jewelry is an important part of an outfit for both men and women. Any style or look would be completely incomplete without the use of ornaments or jewelry. In fact, these days women prefer wearing different styles of gold or silver jewelry which would completely stand out from the rest and give a personal meaning to them. With days going by jewelry are becoming more and more personalized. Every woman wishes to possess a unique piece of jewelry in her closet. While newer generation prefers modern tastes in jewelry there are older and traditional forms of jewelry still available in the market and are being worn in traditional and cultural occasions.

A short study on the new generation of buyers can easily help trace the latest jewelry buying patterns in the market.

  1. Brooches: Brooches are now back in fashion. These are found embellished with different colors and types of stones. They can be pinned up in saris, other ethnic wears and even on jeans. Though, it is actually meant to be used in saris but is quite easily matched up with modern jewelry and outfits as well. Though these were absent for a while they are back now and can be seen on any glamorous occasion.
  1. Statement Earrings: These have become quite common these days. With so many options on clothing, there has come up an equal range of options for jewelry as well. Starting from long shoulder touch earrings to long chain and jhumkas are stand-alone ones which can be paired up with any kind of traditional or western wears.
  1. Pearls: These are still in fashion and can be seen matched up with necklaces, bangles and even earrings. If we talk of earrings then these are often found dangling on any piece. It helps to add an extra piece of beauty to the already made piece of ornament.
  1. Stud earrings: these little earrings are usually preferred by those who don’t like to show up much.    these are going to be a common trend in the market for quite long now.  become in a variety of shapes colors and types.  some of the common types include diamond Sapphire gold and Gemstones. Often they are found studded with this kind of stones.
  1. Statement necklaces: Just similar to earrings there are a wide variety of necklaces available in the market.   these necklaces are quite in trend now because of their exclusive pattern and style.  Try online and look for some of the best designs in 10-gram gold necklace. These statement necklaces can be of different materials such as gold Platinum diamond and other forms. The specific color used in these necklaces helps it to be paired with any kind of traditional forms of outlets.  In fact, they are the perfect choice for wearing up with sarees. Other than necklaces gold pendants are also quite in the latest fashion these days.

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