Things to know before printing coasters online

What is a coaster but a small square piece of wood or plastic, to hold my drink? – this is why you think. But do not underestimate the power of coasters. Coasters are a very powerful tool for marketing with the least investment and multiple recall. How? Just take a look.

How coasters created history in America?

In 2014, the New York library Association ran out of funds due to a tight budget. It devised a unique marketing tactic by printing coasters online and placing them in bars frequented by lawmakers. Amazingly, this idea clicked and they were able to get a huge chunk of the state budget- a whopping $5million for their library!

Now you can see why printing coasters online can be one of the cleverest marketing techniques you can adopt.

Before you print coasters online, understand these facts and keep in mind these tips.

Coasters have the least CPI (cost-per-impression) investment

Yes, you print a creative coaster online and gift it to your clients and customers. If your design is unique and artistic, it attracts attention at  the first glance. Since the coaster is a useful product, it is bound to settle down at the office desk or home dining table. Anyone who passes by will take a second look and it gets noticed. This repeat exposure gives excellent brand awareness and recall at the least investment.

Which material is best to print a coaster online?

Coasters can printed online on any material from plastic to wood. The ideal material for printing coasters would be on pulp board  or medium density fibreboard (MDF) as this material absorbs moisture the best. They are also lightweight , robust and can be printed in various colours.

Do not substitute MDF for plastic while printing coasters. Plastic may look rigid but it does not absorb condensation and is hence useless as a coaster. It may also warp or fade due to the heat of the beverage pleased on it.  Plastics are also laminated leaving no room for any water-absorbency due to the condensation of the cold drink on to the coaster. But not an MDF coaster.

Choose the right material for your coaster to make sure it serves its purpose well both in aesthetics and functionality.

Coasters can be printed on both sides

Every coaster has two sides which can be put to good use while printing it online. Make the most of coaster marketing but asking your Print specialist to print two different layouts on the front and back of the coasters. In this way, up or down, your coaster will convey your brand message.

Expert graphic designers usually give creative designs with your logo and brand message to be printed on both sides of the coaster. You can even use the twin sides of the coaster to showcase two different products. good idea, isn’t it?

Coasters can be die-cut into many shapes

Break way from the beaten track. do not go in for the conventional square or circle design. Coasters can be die-cut into any shape you want. Use your originality while printing your coasters and print coasters in the shape of your product itself.  By this, your coaster will become a miniature model of your product and will give ultimate retention for your products in the minds of the customers.

Print coasters in sizeable quantity

Coasters are durable and long-lasing. You do not have to worry about their expiry or damage. the coasters you print this year can come handy as New Year gifts for untapped customers next year too. So don’t be thrifty but print your coasters in large numbers.  By this, you can reduce the cost of printing per item due to the large volume of the coasters printed online and distribute them on several occasions. This will be a one-time investment with multiple returns.

Create a novel marketing strategy by printing coasters online and harness the command of coasters to promote your business.

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