Three Tips for Choosing Your Supplier

The success of your dental office is reliant on offering a high-quality service in a cost-effective manner. The key to maintaining cost effectiveness is to choose the right supplier for your dental supplies. You shouldn’t only focus on cost, but also reliability. The last thing you want to happen is for your supplier not to send your supplies on time, which could have an adverse effect on patient care. To help you choose the right supplier, we thought we would detail some of the qualities you should consider when going with a particular supplies company.

Research and Read Recent Reviews

Make sure you do your research and read recent reviews. Of course, not many people find the time to review a company if they have done well for their dental office, so if there are no reviews, don’t be automatically turned off. If there are reviews and they are mostly negative, that is when you should consider another service. Be careful when reading positive reviews. There are services online these days that businesses can buy to create artificially positive reviews, so be wary of those. If there is a testimonial from a local dentist, make sure they actually exist!

Carefully Examine Your First Delivery

Once you have decided which company to use, it is important to review your first order. Make sure the quality of the supplies you have been sent are up to scratch. Some suppliers import cheap supplies from China, so it is important from a patient safety point of view for you to analyze each item in detail. You don’t need to do this with every order – just the first. You don’t want to be paying a premium for expensive Chinese imported equipment which may not only break, but also put your patients at risk.

Communication is Key

It is important to reach out to your supplier on a human level. Forming a connection with the company supplying your equipment is important. It can be very easy to just order our supplies online and not have any dealings with a person from the company. A simple phone call helps cement a good solid working relationship, and the supplier will be more inclined to deliver a positive and worthwhile service for your dental office as a result.

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