Tips for Aluminum Door Repair

Aluminum door repair can be a frustrating process for anyone. However, if you equip yourself with the right tools and information, you can turn a daunting chore into a new hobby. Never undertake a job you don’t feel competent in doing yourself and don’t be shy about contacting a professional if the repair seems too advanced. But, if it is a simple fix, there are a few easy ways that you can get that aluminum door working with minimal effort or investment.

The aluminum door repair process begins with analyzing the situation and determining the problem. Maybe there is a big dent in the middle that is visually unappealing or perhaps it won’t open and close properly. There are three common issues that often impact aluminum doors. They include:

  1. Cosmetic issues (dents and scratches)
  2. Pitting
  3. Frame Joist Deterioration

Cosmetic Issues

Aluminum door repair includes making sure any cosmetic problems affecting the function and visual appeal of the door is fixed. If ignored these cosmetic issues can lead to larger problems that can disrupt function. So, to get the most out of your aluminum door, it helps to take care of these issues right away. For scratches, you can use oil and a cloth to buff them out. For dents, you can try to level it by applying pressure from the opposite side. Yet, depending on where the dent is, you may not be able to pressure it from the right angle. Consider hiring a professional if the scratch or dent is too deep to repair with these methods.


Aluminum doors can be repaired by cleaning out any residue that has build up in the frames. When residue has been built up to the point that the door no longer functions, this is known as pitting. To prevent against pitting, make sure that you maintain a clean frame by scrubbing it periodically. If pitting has already occurred, clean the frame thoroughly. You may need to apply some elbow grease and get in there with steel wool or sandpaper, depending on how badly the frame is backed up. When you are done, make sure to repaint the frame so that you are starting fresh and don’t shorten the lifespan of your door.

Frame Joint Deterioration

Aluminum doors are not resistant to age and you should keep this in mind when repairing them. The frames often break down before the actual door does. Often you will notice the frame seals begin to deteriorate from usage. Some have removable seals that can be easily replaced, while others require a replacement of the entire frame. In this case especially, it’s best to consult a professional, or at least the user’s manual, to diagnose the problem. That way you will know exactly what is wrong with the frame before you waste the time and money buying and installing an entirely new one.

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