Tips for choosing the best cosmetic surgeon – Settling down with the most reliable

Are you someone who’s considering plastic surgery? If answered yes, you’ve got few necessary decisions to make. While there are several who think of the process and try to determine the possible results of the surgery, there are possibly various other things to consider before choosing the surgeon. In fact, choosing the right plastic surgeon before deciding to go under the knife is the most vital step to take.

There are ace plastic surgeons like BJ Cohen and you can check out his plastic surgery website here. However, only searching on the internet or seeking referrals can certainly give you a place to start off with but you will probably put a lot at stake. Here are the 3 evaluating qualities.


Before you choose a cosmetic surgeon, make sure he is accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Since this is an extremely complex procedure which demands several years of training and education, choosing someone who is not too educated will definitely be a blunder. When the person is certified by the board, this too ensures that the surgeon will meet several safety requirements. Make sure you enquire him about whether or not the person is updated with the new technology and techniques.


Whenever a layman thinks of undergoing plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to his mind is the results. They just wish and hope that the story ends well. Before choosing the surgeon, try to know whether or not he has got any exceptional results. Majority of the plastic surgeons maintain a record of their ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures which you shouldn’t miss before signing on the dotted line. Few of the examples should include ‘after’ pictures that have been taken at least after a year of the surgery.


Besides the right education and training, the physician should also have enough experience in carrying out the definite kind of surgery which you’re opting for. For example, if you’re opting for a facelift, you should make sure that the surgery has had good and incredible results with facelift. If he happens to be an expert in rhinoplasty, you shouldn’t choose him for a facelift. Hence, you have to talk it out and be clear about the genre of surgery that you’re opting for.

Therefore, before you go for a cosmetic surgery, make sure you take into account the above listed points before deciding on the surgeon.

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