Top 10 Tips To Enhance Your Look In Prom Dresses This Season!

You have one job to accomplish when you put that prom dress on, and it is to look drop dead gorgeous. It is supposed to take your breath away and it totally should. Even though you wouldn’t remember what happened at school, but you would remember your prom night. So, how do you accomplish that? What are the top 10 Tips to Enhance Your Look in Prom Dresses This Season!

Well, it turns out it is not that tough, and the motive is to keep things simple.

  1. Keeping your make up subtle and simple

You do not want to look like you are the bride for the day now, do you? Essentials always include taking care of your skin such that you have a natural glow and that it doesn’t fail you ever. Natural skin has a better glow than all the contour kits, and makeup put together. So, take care of that skin. While picking out makeup, pick out tones that are natural to your skin tone which would make it beautiful and not just too made up.

  1. Practice everything

The dress, the make-up, the shoes, the accessories, etc., all of it needs intense practice. You need to figure out what goes where and how it should look. You only have limited time to understand what works and what doesn’t for you. Therefore, keep up and practice.

  1. Never forget the neck

While putting on make-up, most of us focus on the face and hair and forget about the rest. Well, when you have an asymmetrical dress with a different kind of hemline, it only makes more sense to beautify what graces it. Focus on full coverage instead of selective area.

  1. Hair

Prom dresses call for multiple kinds of updos when hair is concerned. You can bun it up or go for funky braids, and it would look much better than ever. But it is possible that you might have an updo meltdown. Well, you can use a stash of hair spray to ensure that it stays in place and thus ensuring that you have a better evening.

  1. Don’t glitter, glow

Strictly, no glitter! The only glitter you want is on your shoes perhaps, which is covered by your dress.

  1. Obliterating shine

Have you seen those pictures where the light bounces off the contours, and people end up looking like crazy folks? Well, you surely do not want that. Therefore, use a settling powder such that you glow and not reflect light!

  1. Find your pose

Pouts are out of the question for sure. But, you need your prom pose, and it needs to look great. You need to find a pose that flatters you and your angle, with the dress. Practice again, and you would find your spot.

  1. Smile

Smile your way into glory. It is the best accessory that you can wear.

  1. Perfume

You do not want a perfume that everyone is suffocating with again. A beautiful blend that suits your smell is something you should pick up and make it subtle as your own.

  1. Always keep blotting papers handy

Emergency strikes, well, you know what to do! The point is to be prepared at all times.

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