Wall Decoration: Top Ideas to Amaze You

Are you looking for a fresh idea to decorate the walls of your home? Today we have wonderful ideas to refresh the walls without painting them or putting the classic wallpaper.

Metal Wall Cover

 Looks like wallpaper but it’s not. It is a cover usually made on fiber (usually from banana leaves) and metal thread. The fibers are applied to wallpaper and then overlapped to increase their strength. It is much more stable and sure choice than ordinary wallpapers.

Put mirrors

Another nice idea that has become fashion since last year are the mirrors that cover a whole wall at home. To place them, you should contact a specialist to be sure they will be positioned correctly and safely.

 Wooden leaves

The wooden leaves were first used in Ancient Egypt in 3000 BC. In the beginning they were intended for king’s furniture. Today they are known by the name veneers and are used to create furniture and decorations. You can use veneer for your walls even on a small surface. Immediately the space will be refreshed and will look more handsome.

Use a wooden divider-divider to decorate in front of a wall. Do not prefer a simple parade because it will close your space. Prefer a perforation that will create a beautiful decorative corner. The best place to put it is in the corner of the sofa with an armchair. A table lamp, also on a low table in front of it will highlight it and will give a nice atmosphere to the space of the evening hours you will light it.

Color Matte

 shades on the walls are very fashionable this year. Choose a matte color that suits the decoration of your space, or first choose the color and then decorate it around (this way will limit you and make it harder for you). This winter in the shades of dark green and gray we like a lot.


 Who said the tiles come only on the walls and the floor of the bathroom and the kitchen? The new trend indicates tiles on every wall of the house. You can find many original designs that will give you completely different texture and style on the walls of your home. There are different types of tiles but the ones most commonly used are metallic. There are tiles of real metal but also fake metal tiles made of foamed polystyrene.

Oversized Posters

Put a very poster Copenhagen by papercollective.com on your wall. Find a beautiful landscape or a picture that inspires you and put it on a wall in your home. Choose minimal decoration to make the wonderful work you choose even better.


 Another easy and economical solution to decorate your wall is the use of cloth. You can buy linen cloth of your choice from a fabric store, stretch it and fasten it to the corners of the wall with clips. Or you can even use simple curtains to dress a wall in the bedroom.


 Very special are 3D wallpapers which create a very impressive result. If your space is small prefer white wallpaper that will give style to your space without making it look smaller. If you choose a wallpaper in bright color, you prefer less and monochrome decorative space.

A wallpaper with small geometric shapes could fit a recess in a living room or just a wall in which you would not have furniture in front. You can decorate with a shelf and a mirror so that the wallpaper remains at the center. Be careful only that the furniture in the living room is not very bright because the background is already intense and you do not want to have a “loaded” effect.

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