What Does Brexit Mean for UK Visitors & Immigration?

The plans for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union are well underway but many questions remain. For UK citizens, the questions are largely what will Brexit do to the UK economy and how will it impact their ability to travel freely in the EU. For people from elsewhere, the uncertainly raises even more questions. If you’re from outside the EU and interested in visiting or living in the UK, here is what you need to know


The UK never switched to using the euro. Because of this, there will nominally be no changes in the UK’s currency. The British pound sterling will remain the official currency throughout the UK. The main question is what will happen to the value of the pound. Immediately following the vote to exit the EU, the pound dropped in value relative to the euro. Only time will tell how Brexit will impact the pound on a long-term basis.


The UK has only had its own immigration policies and procedures. While a member of the EU, immigration to and from other EU countries was vastly simplified. Once the UK leaves the EU expect immigration to be more complicated for EU citizens. For people from outside the EU, Brexit may not have any significant impact. In theory, immigration to the UK should remain the same for non-EU citizens, however, the reality may be quite different. Changes to the rules for EU citizens and an increase in paperwork and applications for those citizens may make the process slower for non-EU citizens, too. Government offices dealing with new regulations and an increase in work requirements may temporarily be overburdened. This could mean non-EU citizens would be even better served by specialists who can help with the paperwork and in streamlining the process (Find out more here: http://www.immigration.uk.

Trade Relations

For non-EU countries, Brexit could be good news. Right now, the UK and the rest of the EU enjoy streamlined shipping and import/export policies. Once the Brexit process is complete, non-EU countries may find themselves on an equal footing with the UK when selling products to the EU and on par with EU countries when selling products to the UK.

Expect some uncertainty among shipping companies and your customers in the UK while Brexit is being resolved. Even following completion of Brexit, there will still probably be disruptions as everyone attempts to adjust to the changes related to Brexit.


The same requirements should remain in place for immigration paperwork for non-EU citizens who want to attend schools in the UK. Prospective students will still need to complete the necessary paperwork and application process to obtain a visa so that they can attend school in the UK.


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