What sets the journey of Peter Loftin apart from the rest?

The United States of America has never failed to surprise the world with the talents that have overpowered the world. Peter Loftin is undoubtedly a renowned name in the history of the country who has not earned respect for himself but also made the country, his hometown proud. His journey so far is not only mesmerizing for the ups and downs in it. Instead, it is inspiring for its own merits that have made the citizens of USA believe in themselves and give it a shot.

What is Peter Loftin known for?

The name instantly takes us to the fact that he is the person behind the giant of telecommunication industry Business Telecom, Inc. was popularly known as BTI. The company is counted as the most popular telecommunication companies in the nation, even ranked among the top 15 telecom companies operating in the USA. The company has over 60,000 customers and an overall 600 employees working for them.

Not only that, he has secured some other achievements under his sleeves that have been hardly achieved by any other contemporary entrepreneurs of his time.

The turning point of his journey and the underlying psychology

All he had was his ambitious mind and his aim for achieving something that he deserves to get. It was his determination and courage that has made him such a big name in a country. Well, when he dreamt of making something big in one of the biggest markets, he had nothing in his hands except his merit. The education he had and the skills he has polished over the years have given him the courage to attain something that seems unattainable apparently.

He did not have the resource or raw material to go with and manufacture anything. However, he did not lose hope. Peter Loftin started to devote himself to the market of selling. He started doing it by understanding the market needs, both local and global. Followed by that, he began to sell portable phones from a small room. The ending outcome is visible to everyone, and that is BTI.

His most significant achievement through this journey is to motivate others, especially entrepreneurs all over the world that all it takes is a little courage, right strategies, understanding the business and the market of the company and any ordinary man can ‘rise and shine’ on their merit.

Casa Casuarina – what’s the story behind?

Well, there is not a significant number of people out there who have not heard about the famous Casa Casuarina, a palace, a hotel, a place of majestic moments, located in Miami. It may apparently seem that Peter Loftin has bought the luxurious and so popular villa in Miami to prevail his celebrity status. But, the view altered when he started opening the doors of this luxurious hotel for charitable functions. The grandeur of that place has changed. Both the events on cultural aspects along with the social awareness programs started getting the platform like Casa Casuarina.

Indeed, the credit for this goes to who has not left a single stone unturned in his journey to do things for the people who Peter Loftin are in need. His associations with a plethora of non-profit organization prove the fact that his human nature and the connection with his roots have helped him to make his name shine in the millions.

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