What To Do To Successfully Import A Vehicle To Australia Or New Zealand

If you are looking to import a vehicle, there are quite a few steps to take in order to make the importing go smooth and successful as well. For starters, you will have to do some research if it is your first time importing the vehicle, and if it’s not, you will still have to check if some things have changed since the last time you imported a vehicle.

Find a reputable company to handle the vehicle

In theory, you could go check out the vehicle and then bring it back into the country yourself, however, that will definitely take a lot of time, especially since you will have to wait for all the paperwork to be done after you check out the vehicle as you will probably not want to give the papers for it if you don’t like it once you see it.

While there are many companies out there, we suggest Dazmac International Logistics for this task as their reputation is quite superb, especially in Australia. Checking out the customer feedback is always the best way to find out if the company has good reputation by following up on their deals.

Clean cars pass many regulations with ease

The paperwork

You will have to provide quite a lot of paperwork before you even apply for the importing permit, and the paperwork can vary on the car that you are importing, and where you are importing it from. You should be aware that you cannot import from certain countries to Australia via certain shipping options, and in some cases, you cannot import certain cars at all.

There are quite a lot of regulations to consider when importing a car, and while most of these will reject the older models from being imported, certain laws will also stop you from importing some of the newer models as well.

After you receive the permit

Once you get the green light from the government to import your vehicle, you should let the company you have chosen check out the vehicle before the shipping begins, and If you happen to be importing to New Zealand, then you will probably want to check out the cost of shipping car from Australia to New Zealand from Dazmac Logistics as they usually have some great offers for such services.

The Shipping

The best option for shipping when talking about importing cars to Australia is by sea. You can safely put your new vehicle into a container where its safety is going to be guaranteed from strangers and from random damage during transportation as well.

Transportation via ships like this is always the safest and cheapest


As your car arrives to your destination, you will have to hire someone do the correct cleaning procedure so it can easily pass the quarantine checkup. Hiring a mechanic beforehand to check out if everything is working correctly according to the laws of Australia is also a good idea, but that usually isn’t necessary as the sellers are familiar with the changes that they should before they export the vehicle.

Final Word

The key to a successful and quick import process is to have all of the paperwork prepared before you actually start the process of importing. A lot of time can be lost if you are missing some papers, and sometimes you will have to wait for days before the seller can even ship the vehicle, and in some cases, then it might be too late if another prepared buyer already came in.

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