Why do you need Movavi PDF Editor for your PDF documents?

Are you looking for a reliable PDF editing tool? Well, you can’t always rely on online tools when you have confidential contracts in PDF. The regular free PDF editors doesn’t cost anything but these are very basic when it comes to functionalities. Yes, you have great paid editing apps but they are much on the pricey side. However, things are not that gory today. The leading software developer Movavi has released a cutting edge PDF editor that will enable you to carry on almost all the needed editing works on your PDF file. Also it comes at a fraction of cost compared to expensive paid apps.

You must be looking forward to know more about the Movavi program? Well, the post below offers a brief review on the amazing Movavi PDF Editor.

To start with, the Movavi program will let you work with all kinds of PDF files. From brochures to contracts to forms to articles, you can edit any PDF file with Movavi PDF Editor. Then, the program allows you to work with multiple documents simultaneously. Now, that’s a real time saver! No longer will you need to waste time on closing a file before working on another. Besides, it makes things easier when you need reference from another PDF file while editing the first one.

Then, the Movavi program will allow you to create fresh PDF documents based on  earlier ones. Whether you want to delete pages or add- Movavi PDF Editor is all that you will need here. Besides, the advanced Movavi software is able to work with images on PDF files. You will be able to add or delete PNG or JPG images to/from PDF documents, change size of images or even rearrange their order.

Another great feature of Movavi PDF editor is its ability to extract pages from PDF documents. Let’s say you want to send certain section of your huge PDF file to someone over email. Now, the Movavi program will save you from sending the whole file as now you can easily extract the limited number of pages that are actually important here.

Features of Movavi PDF Editor

  • Allows to delete or add pages from/to PDF documents
  • Adds and customizes JPG & PNG images to and on PDF files
  • Able to work with multiple PDF documents simultaneously
  • Allows to insert stamps and signatures
  • Able to extract pages from a big PDF file
  • Saves AutoCAD, Word , Photoshop and Excel files as PDF files which then can be imported and merged into one PDF document

Useful tips for users

You can use Movavi PDF Editor to store the scans of your entire bunch of monthly receipts and reports in one single PDF file.


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