Why Wait: The Dangers of Postponing Urgent Care  

In the best of scenarios, someone needing urgent care would be able to visit an emergency room and receive care in only minutes — but the reality can be far different. Rising healthcare costs and the perception that an ER visit will be time-consuming and frustrating leads people to wait too long before they seek the assistance of a trained staff of professionals. Only a few minutes can make a significant difference in situations such as heart attack, stroke or diabetic attack, where delay can cause long-term damage to your body or even death. See why doctors recommend getting immediate care for life-threatening emergencies such as these.

Heart Attack

The signs and symptoms of a heart attack may be subtle, and a “slow-onset” heart attack may easily be considered acid reflux if you’re unfamiliar with the symptoms. Patients may expect to be falling down in pain, but slight changes such as nausea, pain down your left arm, excessive sweating and chest pain may also signal this dangerous disease. Always visit a local emergency center when you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Serious Infections

Yes, a recent study shows that severe infections can become more dangerous if left untreated. There’s a strong correlation between a delay of only a few hours in starting treatment and increased long-term risk to the patient, specifically in gastrointestinal infections, urinary tract infections and pneumonia. Quickly starting a series of antibiotic treatments provides patients not only with faster relief, but also improved outcomes overall.


Doctors speak about a “golden window” for successfully treating stroke victims without long-term damage to the body, but this window of opportunity can be very short. If you or a loved one suddenly begins slurring your speech or have an unexpected facial droop, it’s time to get care — quickly.


Self-diagnosing a concussion can be dangerous, as some of the symptoms include difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating. These issues may lead you to believe that you’ll be fine if you simply lie down for a bit instead of getting to an emergency room — but that’s the exact opposite of what you should do! Making it even more challenging, concussion symptoms can occur as long as days or months after resuming normal activity after a fall or hard hit to the head. When in doubt, seek immediate attention for a headache that doesn’t go away, numbness or loss of coordination, slurred speech or convulsions.

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